May 23, 2019

Eden Resort, Lancaster PA

Financial Leadership Academy (FLA) is the premier stewardship training program of the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation. Admission is by nomination from leadership. Since 2015, over 100 Clergy have graduated from this selective program. The Foundation is now seeking nominees for the next FLA.

Who Should Attend

  1. Pastors and churches eager to move the church from good to great through stewardship
  2. Large and mid-size churches exploring new funding options for ministry
  3. Newly appointed pastors assigned to financially vulnerable churches requiring team building
  4. Seasoned pastors willing to develop future lay leadership teams for church management
  5. Top Conference churches and pastors interested in endowing a legacy for the future

High quality authors, presenters, and certified coaches are the cornerstone of the Academy’s process. Clergy and laity are educated in advanced financial leadership skills and then together implement a customized action plan for the church with the assistance of a certified coach. The goal is to change the culture of generosity while improving financial practices. Past participants have demonstrated proven results while they earn CEU credit. In the face of denominational change, there is no better education program offered to sharpen your personal financial literacy and understanding of today’s donor.

Should You Attend? Words from a Graduate

“It is no secret that the institutional church is waning.  Prophetic – proactive measures are being espoused by the Financial Leadership Academy.  Leadership excellence is what the Financial Leadership Academy inspires. Additionally urgency and a hedging against complacent coasting are cultivated.  Enroll. You will not regret it.”

James E. Carver, FLA Graduate

Sanctuary UMC

How to Nominate or Self- Nominate a Church and Pastor

Nominees may be directed to Frank Robert, Associate Director of Education by email to or call 410-309-3475

FLA Website:

Application: Admission is by nomination from leadership.

Dates and Topics:
  • Session 1: Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, 2019Personal Finances
  • Session 2: Nov. 11 – 13, 2019Stewardship
  • Session 3: March 16 -18, 2020Fund-Raising by Non-Profits and Creating and Administering a Planned Giving Program
  • Session 4: April 22-24, 2020Best Financial Practices for Congregations
  • Sessions 5-8: Saturdays (June 13, 2020; Sept. 19, 2020; Nov. 14, 2020; and Marc. 13, 2021) — Action Plans