Sep 22, 2022

Elizabeth Christie, education director at Fritz UMC in Bethlehem, will offer EPA churches a free, interactive Advent planning workshop for children’s and family ministries on Monday, Oct. 3, from 7 to 8:30 PM on Zoom.  Register to attend this helpful online event. See and share the event flyer.

“Let’s spend 90 minutes together and get Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Epiphany planned and prepped!” said Christie. “We’ll make an Advent calendar, Advent wreath, look at options for Advent care packages, create Christmas Eve luminaries that tie in with a flashlight missions project, and construct giant paper stars for Epiphany.”

A materials list will be released prior to the workshop, and most materials may already be in church supply closets or can be purchased for very little cost. EPA’s Leadership Development office will sponsor this event to help equip churches to disciple children and families.

Christie, a specialist in ministries for children and families, has a bountiful supply of Christian education resources for children, youth and adults at home. She provides links to many online resources to aid children’s and family ministries. Check out these planning guides, websites, games, articles and publications.

Useful resources for children’s, youth, and family ministries:

Useful curriculum development resources:

Useful game sites for use with children and youth:

  • (worth the $20 annual pro account so you can create Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune game- great for review of concept, as well as fellowship and ice breakers)
  • (basically pictionary, but randomly assigned words- great for fellowship and ice breakers)

Visit our new Christian Education webpage in the Congregational Ministry section, to learn more. And see more ideas on the UMC Discipleship Ministries website.