May 05, 2021

United Methodist Office of Public Information

May 4, 2021

Nashville: The United Methodist Church has continued to carry out its mission despite the unique challenges and uncertainties of 2020. That’s according to the new 2020 State of the Church Report produced by the Connectional Table and United Methodist Communications, themed “Blessed is the Church.”  

The report uses the framework of the Beatitudes to share a compilation of stories that provide an inspiring look at the ways the church responded in an unprecedented year – which included a global pandemic, renewed calls to end racism, a delayed General Conference and the possibility of a denominational split.

The stories share how United Methodists looked to God for hope and guidance in the face of extraordinary challenges, shared resources and wisdom, offered comfort in the face of grief, practiced spiritual disciplines, provided physical aid and spiritual support, continued to be a force for peace and reconciliation, stood up for the persecuted and oppressed, sought justice and stayed true to the denomination’s mission.

“This was hardly a year of blessing. Yet we have chosen to use these Matthean blessings (Mt. 5:1-14) — these Beatitudes  — as the framework for this report. That is because they describe our identity as a church, not our circumstances,” said the Reverend Kennetha J. Bigham-Tsai, Chief Connectional Ministries Officer. Read More