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Conference Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM)
  • Co-chair: Ms. Barbara Christy
  • Co-chair: Ms. Sherry Wack
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Witnesses feel painful ‘Loss of Turtle Island’

The Loss of Turtle Island was a poignant historical journey that the opened eyes, ears, minds and hearts of those who experienced it on Sunday evening, Nov. 12, at Innabah Camp & Retreat Center.

Sponsored by the Eastern PA Conference Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM), the interactive exercise posed a striking scene, as about half of the 50 people who came stood shoeless on a patchwork of colorful blankets. They stood on behalf of Native peoples who have suffered loss of land, colonization, broken treaties, forced removal, assimilation and extermination. Read more

View more colorful photos of the experience on our Flickr page (Loss of Turtle Island album).

Urging more churches to promote Native American ministry

On May 9-10, 2017 MCC U.S. hosted a Doctrine of Discovery Train the Trainers event in Akron, Pa. led by Erica Littlewolf, Karin Kaufman Wall, Michelle Armster and Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz. The training ensures that regional offices have local people trained to lead the Loss of Turtle Island exercise as well as seminars on the Doctrine of Discovery. Participants included East Coast representatives, from left, Sandra Cianciulli, Barbara Christy, Verna Colliver and Sherry Wack.The Eastern PA Conference Committee on Native American Ministries (CoNAM) wants to reach, teach, encourage and resource all congregations to learn about and participate in this largely overlooked area of ministry so important to The United Methodist Church.

The CoNAM is asking every local church to elect a Native American MinistriesRepresentative to learn, promote and advocate for greater awareness and support of Native American cultures, contributions and concerns in both church and society. As charge conference season begins, the committee is reaching out to district superintendents, pastors and churches with information and resources to advance its cause. Read more…

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CONAM group photoPerformance as part of the Act of Repentance Service at the NEJ Conference, July 2016.Gray ribbons, to symbolize shared accountability for making changes. Photo by John Coleman.Rev. Thom White Wolf Fassett speaks at the 2016 EPA Annual Conference.Boe Harris, 2015 Annual Conference
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UMC Acts of Repentance toward Healing Relationships with Indigenous Peoples

Visit our Acts of Repentance Resources page for articles, video and study guide resources, and recommended reading regarding the UMC Acts of Repentance services.


Native American Ministries News & Information

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