Racial-Ethnic Ministries

3 District Superintendents singing, Annual Conference 2014

District Superintendents Rev. Dr. Irving Cotto, Rev. Dr. Anita Powell, Rev. H. Joe Tyson at the 2014 Annual Conference

One Body, Many Members

The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference is one of the more racially and ethnically diverse conferences in The United Methodist Church. We have nine Latino/Hispanic churches, four Korean-American churches and about 25 African American churches, including at least one with a significant African membership. There are also many persons of color who attend, belong to or even serve as pastors of predominantly white congregations. Such diversity can be seen among participants in many district and conference-wide events and among various leadership boards and committees.

The EPA Conference has a number of administrative, programmatic and constituency groups and initiatives that serve to enhance our racial-ethnic diversity in ministry and to address critical concerns that affect our diversity. These include the annual Changing Racism workshops, our Commission on Religion and Race, the Task Force for Cross-Cultural/Cross-Racial Appointments, Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Black United Methodist Preachers, the Latino Plan and Ministries Commission, the Committee on Native American Ministries, and the Korean Clergy Association of Philadelphia and Delaware. Continue reading

Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Inc.

Philadelphia BMCR represents important interests and concerns of Black United Methodist members and churches of the Eastern PA Conference (located primarily in the Philadelphia region). We are an official, affiliated body of the Eastern PA Annual Conference and a conference affiliate of the National BMCR caucus. Learn more…

Reflections on racial dialogues--A supplement to "District dialogues offer ‘real talk’ about race”

District dialogues offer ‘real talk’ about race

Real talk about race is happening around much of the Eastern PA Conference this winter, as dialogues and teaching moments bring people together to explore a difficult but timely topic. And we’ve only just begun.

The Central, Southeast and East districts each have sponsored recent teach and talk events addressing race and racism. The Central District held a Real Talk about Racism event Dec. 3 at First UMC Phoenixville for about 40 people. Participants committed to taking action-oriented “next steps” both personally and with their congregations. Read more

Reflections on racial dialogues

At our request, a number of clergy participants in recent racial dialogue and learning events, sponsored by four districts, kindly shared their reactions and reflections with us. They answered several questions, and we collected and combined each of their answers into single, sometimes lengthy comments with minimal editing.

Their candid statements reveal an acknowledgement, for most, of the value and necessity of these face-to-face discussions, especially those that have the benefit of being interracial. Indeed, they are not a panacea for our society’s pervasive racism, ignorance and bigotry, nor the other prisons of the heart that keep us bound. But the gracious offering and acceptance of honest impressions, confessions and helpful truths, although they may be difficult to share, can still, in the end, “set the captives free.” Read more

News & Information

African-American Ministries
  • BMCR, BUMP award annual scholarships to 3 new collegians
    Leaders of BMCR and BUMP (Black Methodists for Church Renewal and Black UM Preachers) held their annual scholarship awards luncheon at the Conference Office in June. They awarded scholarships to... Read more
  • BMCR has a new webpage
    Bishop speaks to caucus concerns BY JOHN W. COLEMAN Philadelphia Black Methodists for Church Renewal (BMCR) has a new Web presence at www.epaumc.org/bmcr, hosted by the Eastern PA Conference website.... Read more
  • Reflections on BMCR’s 51st General Meeting
    By the Rev. Shayla Johnson
    BMCR Philadelphia Coordinator

    The 51st General Meeting of National Black Methodists for Church Renewal (BMCR), March 13-17, in Sacramento, Calif., drew a smaller attendance than the 500 who came to the 2017, 50th anniversary meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. About 162 registered persons attended this year’s meeting, where there was less pomp and circumstance but nonetheless, important matters and decisions to consider, along with celebrative worship and fellowship.  Read more
 Native American Ministries
  • History Revisited
    Every October when I was in grade school we sang the same song: “In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” I learned about this brave sailor, who challenged the thinking of the time that the earth was flat...  Read more
  • Sharing Native American worship, culture, history
    The Eastern PA Conference Committee on Native American Ministry (CONAM) will celebrate Native American Ministries Sunday, April 15, 4-6 PM, at Camp Innabah (712 Pughtown Road, Spring City), with a... Read more
  • CONAM sends help in Montana snow emergency
    Heavy snow–70 to 80 inches high–and 70 to 80 miles-per-hour wind gusts have created an emergency on the Blackfeet Tribal Reservation in Montana, where about 7,500 people live in10 communities... Read more
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