Continuing Education Policy

Continuing education is to further develop the knowledge and skills of clergy for ministry. All active clergy (elders, deacons, local pastors, commissioned, etc.), who are members of and/or serving within the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, are expected to acquire four Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) within each quadrennium. No one event may count for more than two CEU’s toward the required four within a quadrennium. Learn more

Financial Support for Clergy

Active clergy, who are members of and/or serving within the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, including retired clergy under appointment, may receive up to $400 a year for continuing education. (Commissioned clergy may receive an additional $400 which may be used in part or in total during their probationary period) Clergy participating in a post master’s degree program may receive up to $600 per year for up to four years. Support for sabbaticals of $1,000 to $5,000 is also available for continuing education. Learn more

Formational & Spiritual Growth Leave / Renewal Study Leave or Sabbatical Leave

The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference Board of Ordained Ministry administers a fund for clergy for the following “organized educational and spiritual growth activities."

A formational and spiritual growth program, which according to the 2016 Book of Discipline Paragraph 350.3 may be up to six months while continuing to hold an appointment, and available to clergy who have held full time appointments for at least six years and who have received the approval of the Committee on Staff-Parish, the Church Council, and the District Superintendent. Learn more

The Pastoral Care Committee

The Pastoral Care Committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry serves two primary purposes for those serving in ministerial roles (serving in local churches or extension ministries), as well as their families, serving (or having membership within) the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference. The first purpose is to provide referral networking and allocation of financial subsidy assistance for professional licensed counseling, spiritual direction, or short-term interventional clergy coaching (based on a crisis intervention situation).  The second purpose is to provide Sexual Ethics education for all those serving in ministerial roles within the boundaries of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference (regardless of location of one’s Conference membership or denominational affiliation). Learn more

Clergy Forms

Forms needed for those who are in Extension Ministry:

Forms for Board Members:

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