Vocational Intern Program

The Vocational Intern Program is a project of the Board of Ordained Ministry for men and women college age and beyond who are considering a vocation in ministry in the United Methodist Church.  The Vocational Intern Program provides an opportunity for participants to have “real life” experiences of Christian ministry in parish situations or specialized settings.

During 10 summer weeks they will be exposed onsite to different aspects of ministry, while assisting the sponsoring church and earning a $3,000 stipend, normally in the period of June through August.

This is a great opportunity to get a close-up view with valuable on-the-ground training in ministry. Congregations and pastors who would welcome a helping hand (and an inquiring mind) during the summer could find themselves preparing a next-generation leader for the church.

The intern’s assignment in a rural, suburban, urban or inner-city situation will be made on the basis of a mutual selection between the applicant, the church and the VIP Committee.  The pastor or director of the specialized ministry will provide supervision and mentoring. The church pays the $3,000 stipend, but the conference Board of Ordained Ministry reimburses one-half of it at the completion of the 10-week internship.

Applicants must have completed at least one year of college and be a member of the United Methodist Church.  Applications are due by May 1 each year.

“The Vocational Internship Program was for me a key factor in discerning a call to the ordained ministry,” says the Rev. Bill Lentz, pastor of Lehman UMC in Hatboro. “Thirty-one years later, I look back on those days when local churches of our annual conference gave me the opportunity to spread my wings by giving me room to explore my gifts and calling for service. I have enjoyed making that same experience available to others looking for room to grow in grace as they explore the call.”

To take the next step, print and fill out the following materials:

Questions may be addressed to Rev. Tracy Duncan, 215-844-2339, revtracy51@gmail.com

If you are interested in having an intern serve at your church, or if you know of a student who could benefit from a vocational internship in ministry, please contact the Rev. Tracy Duncan, Vocational Intern Program, at revtracy51@email.com.  Apply now, by May 18. Please download and share this flyer with potential interns and host churches.

Also, if you benefited from this program in the past–either as a Vocational Intern or as a sponsoring church–and would recommend it to students and churches, please send us a brief statement revealing what you found helpful about that experience. Write to us at communications@epaumc.org and/or to Rev. Tracy Duncan, Vocational Intern Program, at revtracy51@email.com.

Vocational Intern Program and Young Clergy Initiative

This May Be For You.  If you are giving thought to the possibility of serving people through Christian ministry, we can provide an experience that will give you an opportunity to look at ministry from the “inside.”  Your experience will provide a framework for testing your own skills, commitment, knowledge, and a call to Christian ministry.  The supervisory relationship will offer a supportive context for your work and dialogue for your growth.

What Will I Do?  Responsibilities will vary somewhat from situation to situation.  If you are in a local church you can count on participating in the full life of the congregation.  Interns frequently are engaged in teaching, preaching, visiting in homes, hospitals, institutions, coordinating summer children’s and youth programs, launching experimental ministries, conducting retreats, and many other things.  Specialized ministry situations will tailor job descriptions in ways appropriate to the student and the goals of the program.

Interns should anticipate spending about 40 hours per week in their ministries (this includes supervisory time).  Each church or agency will provide a detailed “job description” for you prior to the interviewing process.  Each church or agency will, in turn, be provided with a profile of your background, interests, and any experience you may have prior to the interviews.

Learn While You Earn.  You will receive $3,000 for ten weeks, or a minimum of 400 hours of intern service.  This financial stipend will be shared between the local church or agency and the JCCV.  Room, board and intern-related expenses are the responsibility of the local church or agency and must be arranged where required.

How Do I Apply?

Deadline for current applications: May 1, 2019

  1. You must have completed at least one year of college.
  2. You must be a member of The United Methodist Church.
  3. You must have a letter of recommendation from your local church, pastor, or PPR Committee sent directly to the Committee Registrar.
  4. You must submit a personal profile as provided on the application. The deadline for applying is May 1, 2019. Complete the application form and mail to:  Rev. Tracy A. Duncan, 8321 Lindbergh Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19153. Email: RevTDuncan.Eastwick@gmail.com. Mobile: 267-206-2181.
  5. Congregations seeking an intern, should share the proposed Internship Job Description with the VIP Coordinator with potential consideration of receiving an intern either from their home church or another congregation. *Please note, all decisions will be made in consultation with all parties involved.
  6. Updated Documents will be available for download by January of the year of anticipated internship.

What Happens Next?  Upon receipt of your Intern Profile Application , discussion will ensue around placement once a request is made for a specific intern or an expressed interest in a particular setting is made. All applications are due May 1, 2019.

Assignment Process.  Following May 1, churches and applicants will be interviewed by telephone and the VIP Coordinator will make assignments on the basis of the profiles of the interns, from the profiles received from churches, interviews, and any subsequent discussion.

While all pertinent matters concerning placement will be considered, no church, agency or student is required to accept an assignment with which they are uncomfortable. In such a circumstance, we will attempt to negotiate. Likewise, participation in the process does not guarantee a church, agency or student an assignment.