Download the Ordination Project Proposal Form

Ordination Project Requirements and Example Titles

The 2012 Book of Discipline requires each candidate for ordination to complete a project demonstrating fruitfulness in carrying out the mission of the church to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This requirement will be implemented for provisional members who entered their candidacy under the 2012 Book of Discipline (or later).

A special committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry (BoOM) has been formed to oversee and assist in the completion of this requirement, but questions concerning the administrative aspects of the process can be addressed to the BoOM Registrar.

It is expected that commissioned member of the clergy will begin work on selecting and planning a project soon after commissioning, and submit a project proposal to this subcommittee within about six months of commissioning. The Project Proposal form can be found on the Conference web site. The BoOM will make every effort to respond within a month to approve or suggest upgrades to the proposal.

The provisional member will then work to complete the project, and document the work using the instructions below, which is to be submitted as part of their ordination packet. Tools to assist in this work can be found on the Conference web site.

  • Ordination Project Requirements and Example Titles (this document)
  • Ordination Project Proposal Form – to be used to submit your initial project proposal to the BOOM subcommittee about six months after commissioning (assuming two years between commissioning and ordination).
  • Ordination Project Guidelines for BoOM – An overview of the process for members of the Board of Ordained Ministry, including things to consider in reviewing proposals and final project documentation.
  • Ordination Project Critique Form for Provisional Groups – A simple guide to use in discussions with provisional groups for collecting feedback and input while completing the project.
  • The 10-Step Ministry Project Process – a one-page overview guide with steps for completing a ministry project. These can be applied for starting a new ministry, improving an existing ministry or planning an event.
  • Leading Ministry Projects – Project Management Basics – A 20-page guidance document for anybody seeking guidance for leading a ministry project. It follows the basic 10-Step Ministry Project Process.

Ministry Project Ideas to Spark Your Own Ideas:

Below are some example project titles to catalyze thinking about possible ministry projects. It is strongly suggested that the project identified for an ordination project be limited in scope to something the minister hopes to accomplish during the time appointed between commissioning and ordination. The work can be part of something bigger, perhaps that has already been started, or will continue beyond this time, but there should be a clear piece of work carved out of the larger effort that has a clear objective and metrics demonstrating fruitfulness in ministry.

Example Titles

  • Begin new worship service
  • Start a prayer ministry
  • Create and teach an ecumenical Bible Study to a marginalized group
  • Begin a ministry to the homeless
  • Start a soup kitchen/ food closet
  • Establish a youth group
  • Start a Stephen’s Ministry
  • Begin & implement the Alpha
  • Establish a small group ministry
  • Improve hospitality function
  • Program to retain connections with College Students
  • Plan and hold an interchurch ministry fair to share ideas
  • Start a “help with homework” ministry in a needy neighborhood
  • Lead a mission trip
  • Start an Angel Tree (Prison Fellowship) ministry
  • Find ways to turn families of pre-school children into church members
  • Collaborate with other local churches on a ministry to young adults
  • Start a health ministry
  • Program for reaching out to the unchurched in your area
  • Hold a Contemporary Christian Music Concert outside
  • Establish a summer service schedule at a campsite nearby
  • Hold an event involving servant evangelism
  • Discontinue a revered ministry

The requirements for the final documentation of ordination project are below. This is to be completed as part of the entire ordination packet prepared for BoOM.

Relate an experience of project leadership in your ministry that demonstrates fruitfulness in carrying out the church’s mission of making Document what you learned and communicate what you experienced through the planning and execution of this project. INCLUDE a copy of your approved “Ordination Project Proposal”. Add to it short, one-paragraph answers to the following questions. The additional written work should not exceed about 3 pages.

  1. Restate how you believe this project makes disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, along with brief theological reflection. (Either include the statements right from the Proposal or change it to what you believe now if your understanding has changed.)
  2. How did you collect input to guide this project? From whom?
  3. How did the community come to embrace your plan for this project? (Those who helped with planning, those needed for execution and/or those impacted by this work.)
  4. How did you equip others during this project? Who did you equip?
  5. How did you provide leadership during this project? Who did you lead?
  6. Share your assessment of the fruitfulness of this project.
  7. What did you learn from this process, from both what went well and from what did not go as planned?

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