For the 2022 Charge Conference Season, MissionConnect--the web portal currently used to access Ministry Financials for remittances--will be used also to log into Church Reporting for submitting online forms including charge conference, leadership, and statistics. Access is attached to your email address, so please make sure your record with the conference is current.

Clergy Profile Reporting

The Church Reporting Portal is now LIVE for Clergy Profile reporting. On June 1, all clergy received a secure login to access the Clergy Profile under Church Reports. Please view this recording for an introduction: Introducing the new Clergy Profile

  • To begin, navigate to the MissionConnect Church Reporting Portal
  • Log in using the username, password, and instructions received on June 1, 2022.
    • Please keep your username and password in a safe location. It will travel with you from appointment to appointment and will ensure your record is secure.
    • While the Cabinet and applicable conference staff will have access to your profile, no church member will be able to view your information.

Church Profile Reporting

This Portal is now LIVE as of August 1 for Church Profile Reporting. Your login, as Staff Parish Relations Chairperson, will take you directly to the Church Profile under Church Reports.  

  • To begin, navigate to the MissionConnect Church Reporting Portal  
  • Enter Username as your Username  
  • Enter Password as your password.  
    • This Password will expire on August 5th. Please log in and change your password: 
      • Click on MENU in the top right corner 
      • Click on HOME 
      • Click on CHANGE PASSWORD 
      • Enter your temporary password as the old password 
      • Create a new password 
      • Click on SAVE 
      • Please keep the username and password in a safe location. You will be responsible for updating your email in the portal and alerting the district office if you have a change. 
    • While the Cabinet and applicable conference staff will have access to your profile, you are the only church member who will have access to this report. 

You may submit your charge conference forms either by uploading to the church reporting portal (upload function will be available by August 15), or by emailing to the appropriate district email: 

Additionally, your church leadership update will be through the portal. Both the leadership update and the upload tab will be available by August 15th. 

Please plan ahead – all forms are due on September 15th, 2022! 

The Charge Conference Reporting Team would like to thank you in advance for setting aside the time to complete this report. The cabinet and conference office use this information regularly and ensuring that the information is accurate greatly helps to further the mission of the church. 

Click here to go to the login page of the MissionConnect Church Reporting Portal.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Login credentials were sent directly to SPR chairs on August 1st. CLERGY: Please note, if you have not responded to the verification request for SPRC information, NO LOGIN INFORMATION WAS SENT FOR YOUR CHURCH! Please respond ASAP to Lisa ( and Craig ( so we can provide a secure means to access the Church Profile for your church. Please note that there is a process for creating the secure login information so a reply with Username and Password will not be instantaneous.