Human Relations

As we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr this week and observe Human Relations Day in our congregations, once again we remember the vitally important call of Christ to love one another, and especially to include all of God’s children in the circle of God’s love.

In Luke 4 we read about Jesus’ conflict with his hometown friends at the synagogue of his childhood years.  He had the audacity to remind the listeners that God was about the business of supporting foreign widows and healing Syrian army officials. He challenged the long-held illusion that God was only the God of the Jews and maintained instead that Jehovah was the God of all.  The crowd turned on him at that moment, and had he had a near-miss with death that day (Luke 4:23-30).

Would we have joined the crowd that tried to toss Jesus off the cliff? Or would we agree with the Lord that God is going global with this love thing and that everyone is included in the circle of God’s care and concern? Fundamentally, that was the work of Dr. King’s movement, and still today the quest for equality is based on that precept.

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