Apr 01, 2021

Exciting news!

Paying a pastor’s UMPIP contribution will be simplified with your April Remittance Statement. 

The Eastern PA Conference is participating in a test group of conferences in preparation for pension changes following the General Conference. As of April 1, 2021, salary reductions for UMPIP contributions will be billed on the conference remittance form rather than in a separate billing from Wespath. Payments will be made to the conference and transmitted to Wespath along with our monthly payments.

Payroll deductions will remain the same for you – only the entity to whom the payment is made will change. The churches using Paychex will continue to record the clergy deductions in payroll, but they will no longer be automatically transmitted to Wespath. The church should send the clergy personal contribution amounts to the Conference along with any other remittance responsibilities.

Wespath will be in contact with you regarding your invoice, and Paychex will be in touch with any church utilizing their services through Wespath.

For questions or concerns, please contact jfielding@epaumc.org or mglopez@epaumc.org