The annual pastoral appointment-making season has begun for the Eastern PA Conference Cabinet, as they prayerfully discern and carefully determine clergy leadership for EPAUMC churches. That inevitably will mean some changes and transitions in pastoral appointments, especially as some clergy retire and others are licensed, commissioned and ordained.

All clergy experiencing appointment changes and church leaders welcoming new, appointed pastors will be invited to attend a workshop this coming spring.  At this workshop you will learn:

  1. How the congregation and both the outgoing pastor and the incoming pastor can work together to provide a healthy and smooth transition for all.
  2. What is "normal" during a season of transition?
  3. The do’s and don’ts of pastoral transitions
  4. How to have a "good exit" for the outgoing pastor during the months of May and June
  5. What are the expectations of the church and incoming pastor for the first 18 months?
  6. How can the church and incoming pastor work together to set goals for six months and one year and also clarify expectations?"
  7. How the church leadership and incoming pastor can work together to set goals for the first 90 days as well the first year, clarifying expectations for the transition period.

Look for more information and registration for this event soon. In addition, here are recommended resources from across our UM Connection and beyond to help­­ clergy and church leaders prepare for possible appointment transitions:

    Also for a personal reflection on transitioning churches, read Fare-thee-well: Moving pastors say goodbye to churches amid waning pandemic” by the Rev. Julia Singleton of EPAUMC (June 24, 2021)

    This resource is produced by the EPAUMC Connectional Ministries Office.