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Eastern Pennsylvania Conference Scholarships for undergraduate college students

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The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference awards scholarships annually to United Methodist undergraduate college and university students who have been members of an Eastern PA Conference church for at least two years. Scholarships are funded by annual conference offerings and other donations made to support higher education opportunities for deserving member students.

Deadlines are March 1 (for fall semester) and November 1 (for spring semester) every year. Applicants must be full-time, taking 12 credit hours or more, and they must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). 

Conference Scholarship Committee Chair

Education Society Grants to Defray Higher Education Costs

August 10, 2020

Dear Pastors of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference,

Subject:  Education Society Grant Program

In late February I began a series with our Sunday school class titled “When God Doesn’t Fix It.”  We covered 3 lessons before the Covid 19 pandemic caused church services to be cancelled.  Most of us were living on a “Stay at Home” order and many of us may have asked “Why doesn’t God Fix It?”  I don’t have an answer – perhaps because I cannot see the situation from God’s perspective.  However, even today, I am convinced that God will lead us through this time when we cannot see an end to the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

That being said, I realize that all of our pastors struggled with how to minister to their congregations.  We decided that we needed to delay the Education Society Grant Program and move the application process to late August.  Any grants that students receive will be delayed until the spring semester of 2021.  I will include with this email a grant application but ask that you please notify your congregation of the following:

From August 17 to September 4, the Education Society will have a 3-week period where we will accept grant applications and combine them with applications we received in early May.  Selection of recipients will happen in September and awards will be made to be credited to spring semester 2021.  The dollar amount will not be changed, it just will not be divided over 2 semesters.  The Grant application can be accessed at the following link:

Click here to download the 2020-21 Grant Application.

Thank you so much.

Alfred Adey

Chairperson, Education Society

If you have questions, please contact the Education Society Chairperson, Al Adey, at ahadey@verizon.net.

United Methodist Church Scholarships

Visit these UMC-related sites to access information and applications for available scholarship funds. Eligibility requirements and award amounts vary.  www.umc.org/resources/scholarships.

Also, check out:

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

The United Methodist Scholarship and Programs are a churchwide educational service providing scholarships and loans to help supplement the financial needs of today’s students. Funding for these scholarships and loans are provided through offerings, wills, annuities, and other designated gifts. Through the Loan Program, students may borrow up to $5,000 per year at 5 percent interest (Five for Five program). The 135-year-old United Methodist Student Loan Fund is the oldest student loan fund in the United States. Visit the GBHEM website for more information.

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