May 2019 EPA Financial Update

Dear Conference,  Below for your information is an overview of the EPA financial data for the period through May 31, 2019. Connectional Ministries Fund Church giving for the Connectional Ministries… Read more

Exiting congregations face hefty price tag

For congregations that want to leave the UMC because of disagreement with new church laws regarding the rights of LGBTQ people in the church, a breakup could get very expensive. Continue reading at

Christian hymn unites Hong Kong protesters

A Christian hymn has become the focal point for Hong Kong protesters who gathered for three major demonstrations against a proposed law that would allow extraditions to mainland China. Continue Reading at

UMC’s EarthKeepers training coming to Phila. in August 

Global Ministries, the UMC’s missions agency will bring its EarthKeepers training in “creation care” to Philadelphia, at Arch Street UMC, Aug 8-11. The training will equip United Methodists to develop environmental stewardship initiatives in their churches and communities and connect them with others in the church who are actively engaged in such work. The application deadline is July 1. Find more information at

4 Stations of the Holy Spirit comes to East District, July 20 (In English & Espanol)

Philadelphia and the East District will get their first Four Stations of the Holy Spirit bilingual lay evangelism training event on Saturday, July 20…

6 new Africa U. grads aided by Eastern PA scholarships

526 march in university’s 25th graduating class This article about new Africa University graduates includes Paulo Ismael Simão, of Mozambique, who studied there for five years aided by an endowed… Read more

PA General Assistance risks elimination
Act now to protect it

Article provided by Project H.O.M.E. ( A bill that would eliminate Pennsylvania’s General Assistance program (GA – HB33) was passed by the state assembly House in a near-party-line vote on last… Read more

Saved by accepting God’s grace: suddenly or gradually?

United Methodists understand that people have different experiences of awakening and turning to God. Some may have a sudden, powerful experience… Read more at

Is communion simply a ritual of remembrance?

Holy Communion includes a profound act of remembrance that recalls the last supper Jesus had with his disciples. But it is more than just a ritual of remembering. It is primarily an act through which…

We’re getting a new pastor! What can I do?

One Sunday during worship, you notice a visitor who looks vaguely familiar. Suddenly the pastor invites her forward to address the congregation. Now you remember. She is your District Superintendent. Oh no! Why is she here?