Jan 19, 2021

NEWSpirit Communications will endeavor to report in its media all known events sponsored by the Eastern PA Conference, its Districts, Local Churches, Conference Administrative and Connectional Ministry Groups and Conference-Affiliated Groups.

News and events of other Non-Conference Affiliated Groups that may be of broad interest to Conference and local church members may be reported in our media—specifically, up to two times in our NEWSpirit Digest newsletter.  However, such news and events will not be promoted through other means—for example, promotional flyers, the website Calendar or home page, urgent reporting in NEWSpirit Alert (e-blasts), or multiple appearances in NEWSpirit Digest. NEWSpirit Communications maintains a fundamental distinction between news reporting and event promotion.

If there are errors in reporting, including non-functioning hyperlinks, they will be corrected where possible in NEWSpirit Digest or in NEWSpirit Alert, at the discretion of the Communications Director/News Editor.

NEWSpirit Communications endeavors to be fair and impartial in its decisions regarding reporting news and events. All news reporting and events promotion in Conference media are managed by the NEWSpirit Communications Director with oversight by the Conference Director of Connectional Ministries and the Bishop.