Feb 22, 2021

The UMC Book of Discipline: Paragraph 425.4

Cross-racial and cross-cultural appointments are made as a creative response to increasing racial and ethnic diversity in the church and in its leadership. Cross-racial and cross-cultural appointments are appointments of clergypersons to congregations in which the majority of their constituencies are different from the clergyperson’s own racial/ethnic and cultural background. Annual conferences shall prepare clergy and congregations for cross-racial and cross-cultural appointments. When such appointments are made, bishops, cabinets, and boards of ordained ministry shall provide specific training for the clergypersons so appointed and for their congregations.

Eastern PA Conference

EPA Conference recognizes the value of diversity and seeks to become more inclusive in how we live, how we serve, as well as how appointments are made and supported in CR/CC ministry. Opportunities are provided for clergy and laity to broaden knowledge, deepen understanding, and gain language skills designed to strengthen interpersonal and intercultural relationships. Workshops, retreats, dialogues, task forces, surveys and luncheons have been forums for addressing the proficiency of individuals, intricacies of groups, and complexities of systems.

Cross Racial/Cross Cultural dynamics extend beyond the process of clergy assuming pastoral leadership in a “cross racial/cross cultural appointment.” Rather, the focus should be on the relationship between clergypersons and congregations serving together in “cross racial/cross cultural ministry.”