Sep 02, 2021

By now, each of our 108 local churches has selected a date and site for its annual Charge Conference with the DS. In the months of September, October, and November, seven (7) of these will occur in group settings all across our expansive District….three (3) will occur in group settings on ZOOM…and seven (7) more will occur in individual church settings, by request. If you don’t know the date for your Charge Conference, please ask your pastor.

These meetings will each include some conversation around the Acts 5 passage which was sent to pastors in July, and then voting upon the specific items required by Discipline (pastoral compensation, election of officers, membership audits, and affirmation of CSM’s/CLM/s & candidates for ministry)

Several notes:

  • For the in-person, group charge conferences, we will honor the local requests of our host churches in terms of any COVID precautions
  • Pastors, please know: it’s NOT a legitimate Charge Conference if none of your lay people attend!
  • The Leadership report is to be signed and submitted ahead of time only for those churches participating in a group conference; for the seven (7) individual Conferences, we will accomplish that work together when the DS is with you (don’t send the Leadership report prior to your meeting)
  • For those choosing the ZOOM option, please communicate among your participants that we expect the VIDEO option to be turned “on” each attendee who has that capacity (Charge Conference is not a solo act; it assumes and expects participation from all: on voting matters, of course, but in its entirely. We need to see you!)