Jan 28, 2022

Our Undies for Easter campaign is enroute to becoming a big success! The conference-wide effort to collect 2,000 pairs of men’s briefs for persons incarcerated in the Philadelphia Prison System and donate them to the head chaplain there before Easter is three-quarters of the way to its goal. So, now we want to do more.

“We now have 1,500 men’s briefs purchased,” reported the Rev. Marilyn Schneider Friday. ”So we have added to the Amazon gift registry 2,000 men’s undershirts and 600 women’s briefs. We want to ensure there is opportunity for many to contribute.” 

Head Chaplain Carmelo Urena, who serves about 6,000, mostly male prisoners, tells us  that each receives only one pair of underwear upon entering the system,  His aim is to provide at least one additional pair of underwear to each new, incoming inmate. 

Anyone can use the Undies for Easter Gift Registry on Amazon.com to purchase the underwear items for men and women. This will benefit the health and wellness of our incarcerated brothers and sisters.

All purchases must be made online via Amazon before Palm Sunday, April 10. Select only “EPAUMC’s Prison Ministry Gift Registry Address” for direct shipping. Contact the Rev. Marilyn Schneider, of the EPA UMC Prison Ministries & Restorative Justice Team, at prisonministries@epaumc.org  with any questions.