Dec 07, 2022

The newly aligned EPA/GNJ Conference Communications Team is working together from EPA’s Conference Office and GNJ’s Mission Resource Center (MRC) on numerous shared tasks. Included are:

  • Both conferences’ websites and weekly newsletters, GNJ Digest and NEWSpirit Digest.
  • Communications plans and resources for both 2023 Annual Conferences.
  • The EPA and GNJ Cabinets’ joint Christmastide Worship Video, produced for churches.
  • GNJ’s newspaper, The Relay.

EPA’s former newspaper, NEWSpirit, will return as a quarterly publication in 2023.

The six team members and their roles are:

  • The Rev. James Lee, Director of Communications
  • The Rev. John Coleman, Editorial Manager
  • Laura Canzonier, Communications Strategist
  • Lindsey Cotman, Graphic Designer
  • David Beverly, IT & Web Specialist
  • Corbin Payne, Video Producer

“We’re excited to learn about each other’s communications gifts, passions and experiences,” said Lee, who will convene a first, face-to-face staff teambuilding retreat at the MRC on Monday, Dec. 12. “We’re also learning about the many dynamic and diverse ministries that we’re ready to promote and resource in both conferences.”