Jul 14, 2021

Historic St. George’s UMC in Philadelphia is featured in a national UMCom story about four historic congregations with deep roots in their communities that are living a new story. “Their histories are informing their ministries today and their plans for the future,” writes Philip Brooks in his encouraging account.  “History can be either a great teacher or a severe burden.”  He writes about one of America’s oldest UM churches:

St. George’s is striving to be a more inclusive and welcoming congregation in its ministries today. Where their forebears once turned away immigrants and people of color, today’s congregation consistently advocates on their behalf through the Justice for Our Neighbors program, which provides assistance with immigration and legal counsel.

“We see it as our mission to acknowledge the sins of the past while striving to heal old wounds through our outreach today. Everything we do is informed by both the good and the bad from our history,” said (the Rev. Mark) Salvacion. Read the four stories at ResourceUMC.org.