Aug 26, 2019

Dear Conference, 

Below for your information is an overview of the EPA financial data for the period through July 31, 2019.

Connectional Ministries Fund

Church giving for the Connectional Ministries Fund (CMF) was $1,936,431 through July 2019.

Local church giving to CMF was $247 thousand more than budget and $17 thousand less than July 2018.

Expenses through July 2019 was $1,639,752 that was $186 thousand less than the year-to-date budget and $136 thousand more than July 2018.

All Funds

The local churches paid $8.14 million or 48% of the total billed of $16.85 million to all churches.

This is a 1% decrease from the prior year when local churches paid $8.20 million 49% of total billed of $16.86 million.

The apportioned funds (CMF, WSF and GCF) giving through July 2019 was $2.94 million or 45% of total budget. This is consistent with the prior year. The amount through July 2018 was $3.00 million or 45% of the budget.