Nov 10, 2020

Connectional Ministries will offer a requested Zoom webinar titled “How to Recognize and Deal with Church Bullies” on Wednesday, Nov 11, at 6:30 PM. The Rev. David Woolverton (right) will lead the workshop, drawing from his 30 years as a pastor, educator, consultant and now author, with a new book on church conflict in the works.

“In the church, bullies can look spiritual. They also may be serving a very unique function in the life of the congregation,” writes Dr. Woolverton. He will explore how to recognize, assess and respond to church “bullies” and the closed power systems that they represent. “While some of those persons are simply reacting with anxiety to changes implemented by leaders, others may have a more defined plan to sabotage any idea that does not originate with them.” Registration for this event is now open.