Jun 19, 2024 | Sarah Borgstrom Lee*

Have you been hearing a quiet whisper, or maybe a not-so-subtle shout for you to take the next step in discipleship?  The Laity Academy Summer Session II, scheduled for August 2-3, at Eastern University’s Palmer Theological Seminary in St. Davids, is ready and able to help you make the leap!

For those just stepping their toes into the water, there’s the Basic Course, which will help you notice God’s presence in your life and learn how to use your spiritual gifts in your local church setting.

Lay preachers—both beginners and more seasoned speakers—can explore topics such as Preaching to be Heard, led by the Rev. Harold Burkett, or From Exegesis to Sermon Series, led by the Rev. Steve Morton.

Opportunities for leaders to sharpen skills

There are also opportunities for leaders to sharpen their skills in classes such as Coaching Volunteers for Effectiveness, taught by the Rev. Dave Harris, or Local Church Leadership and Development, led by Certified Lay Minister and pastor John Lafferty.

For those who are oriented towards compassion and justice, there are opportunities to Explore the Spirituality of Self Care or to Develop Christian Peer Mentoring Skills. Or UMCOR’s Disaster Relief course on the role of Early Response Teams can teach you how to stabilize, secure and clean out the homes of disaster-impacted survivors, to avoid further damage.

Whether you are looking for a spiritual angle to your self-care routine, or you want to grow as a leader in your local church, or refine your preaching voice, there is a something for you at the next Laity Academy session in August. Check out the course catalog here. 2024 COURSE CATALOG or explore the links below. Then REGISTER.

For more information:
Registrar: Anna Taylor Email: deertaylor5@gmail.com

*The Rev. Sarah Borgstrom Lee is the new Content Writer for EPA&GNJ Communications.