Nov 20, 2019

Millersville Community Church (UMC) in Lancaster County has a ministry of compassion that is aptly named: Grace Cancer Care Ministry. And its deserving founder was recently recognized by a local TV station.

Shelby Foster received the WGAL “8 Who Care Award,” honoring “people in the Susquehanna Valleywho give back in extraordinary ways.” Shelby brought the ministry to the former Grace UMC in 2011, with the support of her pastor, church leaders and eventually an army of compassionate volunteers.  Now Millersville Community UMC sponsors the ministry with Shelby’s coordination.

Watch WGAL’s “8 Who Care Award” TV coverage (Nov. 14, 2019) online. Shelby’s story is the second feature on the page. It begins with her and other volunteers sewing prayer shawls for people struggling with cancer.

Learn how she desperately sought and gratefully discovered a similar cancer care ministry in Georgia, when her mother struggled to care for her terminally ill father. Their help and loving friendship was so indispensable for her family, that Shelby was inspired to start a similar ministry at her church.

“The Mission of the Grace Cancer Care Ministry is to provide Spiritual, Emotional, Household and Informational Support to a person or family experiencing a cancer struggle in the Grace or Penn Manor Community,” reads the ministry’s mission statement. “Through many different services, provided by our volunteers, we help those in need…. We welcome any type of volunteering. From writing cards, tech/gaming support, pet walking, or even being a part of our prayer team!”

In addition to WGAL’s feature story, you can read Shelby’s story in more detail (“The Road to Grace”), plus find plenty more information and inspirational writings and photos, on the Grace Cancer Care Ministry’s website and their Facebook page.