Apr 21, 2024 | John W. Coleman

Eastern PA’s next Pastors Spiritual Retreat will happen May 1 at Quakertown UMC (1875 Freier Rd.) and online via Zoom, at 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. 

On each first Wednesday pastors are invited to “stop, take some time for ourselves to re-generate, to connect with God and breathe,” says the Rev. Peter Jamieson retreat facilitator.  “We can’t expect our congregations to connect with God if we are not taking the time to do just that.”

Quakertown UMC

For the Rev. Zim Khan, pastor of Gravel Hill UMC, the April retreat provided “a much-needed respite from my daily routine, allowing an opportunity to immerse myself in God’s Word, deepen fellowship with brothers and sisters, and experience the Lord Jesus Christ at His table. This gathering was a profound reminder of the peace and renewal that can come from ‘slowing down’ and stepping back and focusing on our spiritual journey collectively.”

The Rev. Hun Ju Lee, North District Superintendent, will lead the closing eucharist celebration for the May 1 retreat.

‘The value lies in what I took away with me

“The value of the half-day spiritual retreat with clergy colleagues lies in what I took away with me,” said the Rev. Kay Painter, pastor of First UMC in Mt. Carmel. “There was a sense of peace, of well-being, of grace, and the nearness of God.  Feeling that God is near is invaluable as I walk in the hard places while I serve God’s people.”

Register to attend onsite or to participate via Zoom. (Meeting ID: 964 2192 0885. Passcode: 236569.)  

The June 5 retreat will be at Paoli UMC, 12:30-3:30 p.m. Come enjoy the spiritual experience of mindfully treading the church’s outdoor labyrinth, led by the Rev. Karen Bartkowski, pastor at Conshohocken UMC.