Feb 01, 2021

Eastern PA Conference, The United Methodist Church
Congregational Development Team (CDT)

Evangelism in the midst of COVID…

Psalm 89:37 reminds us of the faitful witnessing of the moon, the most visibly celestial reflector of light God created. The church is the same in the eyes of God. Our light–the light of the church–is to be a reflective witness of the love and grace of God.

The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference is now accepting nominations for the 2021 Harry Denman Evangelism Award, which honors United Methodists engaged in the exceptional ministry of Evangelism.

Evangelism is expressed in Word (what), Sign (why) and Deed (how). It is the very act of bringing people into life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our conference joins the Foundation for Evangelism in recognizing:

  • one Youth member,
  • one Clergy member,
  • one Lay member.

To learn more about the award or to download nomination forms visit Denman Evangelism Award page of the Foundation of Evangelism website. Or visit the Congregational Development page of the Eastern PA Conference website.

Download nomination forms, complete and e-mail them by March 5 to Suzette James at suezyq@earthlink.net. Or mail them to the Eastern PA Conference, P.O. Box 820, Valley Forge, PA 19482, in care of Suzette James. All nominations must be received no later than March 5 to be considered for the 2021 awards. The presentation of Denman Awards will be video-recorded March 27 and shown during the Annual Conference session May 21.

Rev. Lloyd Spears and Suzette James, CSM, Co-Chairpersons, CDT
Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm, Director, Connectional Ministries