Aug 26, 2023 | John W. Coleman

Black Creek United Methodist Church in Sugarloaf, near Hazleton, climaxed its Vacation Bible School on Sunday, August 20, by sharing worship and a free carnival with its congregation and community.

“Our small but awesome group of VBS children led the congregation in worship,” said the Rev. Scott Kuhnle, pastor. “Singing praises and telling Bible Stories was such a blessing to everyone. Even the most senior members of the congregation were dancing for the Lord!”

After worship the active church then offered the community a free Family Carnival. “These wonderful volunteers showed radical hospitality through free food, ice cream, popcorn, carnival games, prizes and a huge bounce house obstacle course,” Kuhnle reported. “The incredible generosity of Black Creek UMC members made this ministry a reality. Through this outreach carnival, we engaged in conversations and provided information about Black Creek UMC to over 150 people. God is at work and we are feeling so blessed!”   

“There’s an undeniable beauty when children lead in worship, showcasing their pure faith and ardent love for the Lord,” commented the Rev. Hun Ju Lee, North District Superintendent. “I am deeply moved to hear that their songs of praise and the narration of Bible stories resonated so powerfully with the entire congregation, invigorating even the most senior members to dance in joyous celebration.

“The post-worship Family Carnival stands as a testament to Black Creek UMC’s commitment to extending Christ’s love and hospitality beyond the church walls.”

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