Runners coming around for the first time

Innabah’s Fall Classic offers runners happy trails

Story and photos by the Rev. Jim Mundell

Camp Innabah’s Fall Classic Run and Walk for the benefit of the camp was held on October 5, 2019.  It was a bright, clear, sunny day with cold, crisp temperatures in the 40’s and was about 45 degrees at the 9 AM start time.

Walkers starting the race

Participants began arriving at 8:30 AM for registration and at 9 AM the race began.  The course for the race was throughout the campgrounds, meandering up and down hills, on grass paths and roadways.

The runners’ race was 5 miles long while the walkers covered 2 miles.  People of all ages took part from young children in strollers with a few parents carrying their offspring along with grandparents.

The 5-mile winners were 1st Kevin Donnelly, 2nd Ryan Clee and 3rd was Scott Tantino with the winning time of 29 minutes and 35 seconds.  The walkers were all winners as they enjoyed fellowship together as family and friends.

It was a cold day, but many warm hearts enjoyed getting out in the cold crisp fall air for the benefit of Camp Innabah. 

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