Quest Diagnostics “Blueprint for Wellness” Screenings

A. Quest Diagnostics Blueprint for Wellness – June 14 & 15, 2019

We encourage all members enrolled in HealthFlex to sign up for a “Blueprint for Wellness” screening provided by Quest Diagnostics during Annual Conference. The Blueprint for Wellness screening will provide you with the health information that you need to complete your health quotient questionnaire through HealthFlex.  HealthFlex will deposit $100 PulseCash in your Virgin Pulse account when you complete the Blueprint for Wellness screening. There is a fasting component to the tests, so the appointments will be available for 7 AM through 10:30 AM both days.

Click here for a PDF listing of all tests included in the Blueprint for Wellness screening.

To participate in the Blueprint for Wellness screening, you must sign up for a time slot through the Wespath Benefits portal.

Please note the registration deadlines for the Blueprint for Wellness:

  • You must register for an appointment on Friday June 14 before registration closes on May 31.
  • You must register for an appointment on Saturday June 15 before the registration closes on June 1.
*How to Register for a “Blueprint for Wellness” screening:

Register at Wespath WebMD:

  1. Sign in, or click Register if you haven’t yet created your login.
  2. In the dark grey bar, click “Quest Diagnostics Blueprint for Wellness” which will open a pop-up window.
  3. You’ll be asked to verify your information and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. When you get to the heading “Wellness Screening” look for “At an Event” and click the green button to make an appointment for a screening at our Annual Conference.
  5. The event search will start you at a map, but you can click “View list” in the top right to show the list of events.
  6. Enter the zip code 19460 for Oaks, PA, and our event will appear at the top of the list: “Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.” Click the green “Select” button.
  7. Choose from the available dates and times, then click the green “Continue” button.
  8. Review your selections and then click the green “Confirm” button to schedule your appointment.

B. Health Fair – June 14, 2019

The EPA Board of Benefits is sponsoring a Health Fair in Room 7 on Friday, June 14. The area will be open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM to provide access to health & wellness information, a massage chair, and other activities and preventative screenings.

C. Health Quotient – Completion by July 31, 2019

To avoid a higher medical plan deductible next year, you must complete a 20-30 minute health quotient assessment online by logging into your record with WebMd.

If both you and your spouse are covered by HealthFlex—you both must complete the HQ during this timeframe to avoid the higher medical plan deductible in 2020 ($250 extra for “single” coverage or $500 extra for “family” coverage).

*You will need the results from your “Blueprint for Wellness” tests to complete the HQ assesment.