Health & Healing

healing ministry“Health & Healing Council” is now under the leadership of a steering team of registered nurses. We covet your prayers and input in discerning best practices for offering our congregations information and initiatives to realize God’s intention for our wellness. 

Health & Healing Council

Miss Barbara E. Drake
Chair, Health & Healing Council


  • Registered Nurses: Donna Bonney, Nancy Kraft, Mary Wilson, Susan Paisley, Ginger Biddle, Amy Luckowski, Nancy Langerfeld.
  • Dr. Joseph Bene, Clinical Psychologist
  • Rev. Dr. Jesse Coale, Physician’s Assistant.
  • Health Educators: Jennifer Lafferty, Penny Harris, Barbara Mitchell PhD, Ruth Thornton PhD, Rev. Dr. Deborah Tanksley Brown
  • Rev. Dave Goss
  • Rev. Christopher Kurien
  • Mr. Brian Dalbow, serving as hospital chaplain.

Wellspring, Health & Healing Newsletter
Explanation of the GBGM Initiative:
  • Birthed from the success of “Imagine No Malaria”, the General Board of Global Ministries launched “Abundant Health: Our Promise to Children” in 2016. This initiative seeks to combine the work we have done overseas and bring it back to the United States, thinking about people in our own communities who lack the healthy qualities of life they need to sustain themselves.
  • Recognizing systemic change as essential for the health of us all, the Abundant Health program seeks to engage at least 10,000 churches in the United States to develop support systems for treatment, education, and prevention in their surrounding communities by promoting physical activities, encouraging healthy diet and nutrition, providing education for tobacco- and drug-free living, and promoting mental health education.

Our EPA Health & Healing Council

Our Vision: To be a vessel for promoting God’s intention of wellness for all people.

Our Mission: To serve as a resource and communication link to promote physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being in the churches of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference and the communities which they serve.

Our Goals:  To support the GBGM 10,000 Church Challenge.  We seek ways to:

Develop a plan of activities and events to create awareness and engage churches in joining the challenge. Every church that signs up and implements activities will be designated as a Health Promoting Church and tagged on the UMC find-a-church search

Partner with churches that sign up for the challenge, identifying those in the conference that may need training and assistance in developing health ministries

Identify UMCs that are currently doing health promoting activities and highlight their work to share ideas and practices

Celebrate the 10,000 Church Challenge. Be a presence to delegates and laity, offering interactive opportunities to promote health, healing, and wellness