Apr 16, 2020

Urban Commission
Chairperson: David Eckert and Myra Maxwell

Report submitted by: David Eckert
Email: pastor.messiahchurch@verizon.net
Date submitted: 04/16/2020

Recent Events & Activities

The Urban Commission ended 2019 with the granting of $33,500 to five Urban Alliances and two Urban Initiatives.

We had partnered with Wharton Wesley UMC and the Hub of Hope to support an event for Black AIDS Day on February 1st.  However, this event was cancelled.  We also began planning an Urban Summit for May 26th in Lancaster, but this was cancelled because of concerns about Coronavirus.

We decided, in March of 2020 to not offer a spring round of grants – rather we released $30,000 to the extended cabinet to be used for supporting congregations who are struggling to during the pandemic.  The Superintendents and cabinet will use these funds to address the greatest need within nine designated urban areas.

Upcoming Events & Activities

We will work with John Coleman to publicize the absence of a spring grant cycle and the use of funds for congregational support.

The Commission has also partnered with the Office of Connectional Ministries and agreed to contribute to the Coronavirus Asistance Program.  This program is launching this week to offer immediate assistance to members of ethnic and multi-ethnic congregations.