Andrew Smith

Qualifications:  Previously responsible for daily operations, food distribution, and coordination of community outreach programs at the Susquehanna Neighborhood Advisory Council; was property manager of Woodstock Mutual Home and Mercy Douglas Human Service Affiliate; and was senior counselor at Horizon House and substance abuse counselor at the Consortium.  Community service has included being a board member of the Penrose Advisory Council, Vice Chair of Democratic Ward Committee, and member of Camac & Diamond Ward Association

Duties:  President/Chair of board, oversees daily operations of the agency, and bill payment.

Carl Boyd, PhD

Qualifications:  Member of Janes UMC, Honorary Doctorate of Humanities, Worked for Wyeth Laboratories for 25 and DuPont Pharmaceuticals for 15 years

VP of the National Alumni of Bluefield State College, member of the Bluefield State College Foundation that provides scholarships to BSC students and of the Urban Resources Development Corporation Building a Better Germantown, former member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference Loan Board of the United Methodist Church

Procurement person for 43 years helping to procure food from stores throughout Germantown, Flourtown and West Oak Lane sharing baked goods, produce, dairy products and meats to those in need (soup kitchens and seniors.)

Carl is married to Selba M. Boyd. They have a daughter Carla and they reside in Philadelphia.

Duties:  Vice President of board, as it works to direct the operations of the agency.

Virginia Biddle, PhD, RN, CRNP

Qualifications:  Psychiatric/Mental Health and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who provides psychiatric/mental health care for city residents and immigrants at Jefferson in Center City Philadelphia; lead Wellness Ministry Team and is part of outreach efforts at St. Matthews United Methodist Church of Valley Forge, developed spiritual intervention to promote resilience among peoples of various races and ethnic backgrounds, religions, and ages; business background prior to becoming a nurse, including work in accounting and computer programming.

Duties:  Treasurer of board as it works to direct the operations of the agency.

Barbara E. Drake, MSN, RN

Qualifications: Retired RN. Deaconess serving as Parish Nurse at Union UMC, Havertown.

Local church involvement:  Lay Leader, President of United Methodist Women, Teacher of adult Sunday School class, and chair of Outreach Team, member of Staff Parish Relations Committee, Finance & Stewardship Committee, Justice & Advocacy Team, and Worship Team.

Eastern PA Conference and District involvement: Chair of Church and Society Work Team, chair of Health & Healing Council, Conference Secretary of Global Ministries, study leader for Mission u, and South District UMW Social Action Coordinator.

Duties:  Secretary of the board, as it works to direct the operations of the agency.

Susan D. Dziuk

Qualifications: Director of Good Shepherd Christian Day School for 24 years.  Director of Good Shepherd Day Camp for ten years.  Served several terms as a member of UMNS Board of Directors.  Outgoing president of Eastern Pennsylvania United Methodist Women

Duties:  Serve as a member of the board as it works to direct the operations of the agency.

Barbara Sveen

Qualifications:  Member of First United Methodist Church of Germantown (FUMCOG), President of United Methodist Women, Member of Administrative Council, Mother of two children and three grandchildren.

Duties:  Serve as a member of the board as it works to direct the operations of the agency.

Evelyn Edmunds

Qualifications:  Member of Tindley Temple United Methodist Church, President of United Methodist Women; Christ Servant Minister; Member of Pastor Parrish Relations; Mother of Three daughters; Three grandsons; one granddaughter; Four great granddaughters; and one great grandson

Duties:  Serve as a member of the board as it works to direct the operations of the agency.

Nancy Matthew

Duties:  Serve as a member of the board, representing the United Methodist Women Trust as it works to direct the operations of the agency.

Millicent Clark, Managing Director

“My Life’s motivation is to serve as a positive force in the community which helps make a difference in the lives of youth and adults.”

Foundation developed through family and involvement in the ministries at Mid-Town Parish United Methodist Church.

Attended Community College of Philadelphia and Drexel University, graduating with degrees.

A single parent of Tamara and Taness and proud grandmother of granddaughter Amina.

Involvements:  East District Mission link of the United Methodist Churches, United Metro Ministries board of the Eastern PA Conference, Simpson Mid-Town Living Community advisory council, and the United Methodist Metro Ministries board of the Eastern PA Conference.

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