The Planning Team for the 2022 Laity Academy would like to invite you to an in-person offering on August 5th – 6th at Cedarville UMC in Pottstown.

This year’s theme is based on Isaiah 55 is entitled “An invitation to the Thirsty”. It is a prophesy reflected in the exodus from Babylonia and realized in the Great Commission.
It invites All who thirst for a relationship with Christ – to come.
It invites All who need nourishment – to come.
It tells us that we need to spread Christ’s message and make disciples.

This is one of the primary goals of the Laity Academy. To provide an environment where you can more fully develop your relationship with Christ and to learn how to grow your person ministries in order to make disciples.

Isaiah 55:12 says to Go out in Joy and be led forth in Peace. As we serve the Lord, we are to be joyful in our endeavors, be enthusiastic, and praise our Lord. In turn, we will be led forth with an internal peace of knowing we are not alone, we are blessed with grace and mercy. We are led with an external peace, to understand all of God’s children and to embrace them.

The EPAUMC Laity Academy is an opportunity to expand your faith, explore your gifts, and advance your ministries and service to our Lord. Session 1 will be held in person with the following 8 courses:

  • Basic
  • Speaking 1 and Speaking 2
  • Making Every Prayer Count
  • Finishing Strong (how aging congregants can support and participate in ministry)
  • Servant Leadership (new course in 2021)
  • Generating Intense Bible Study Games for Adults
  • Everything You Need to Know About Small Group Studies (New course)

Registration will open in May so watch for on-line announcements and emails.

The on-line Zoom program will be held September 30  – October 1 with courses to be announced shortly. Visit us at

And Remember, You are invited!

2022 Laity Academy
August 5-6, 2022
In-Person at Cedarville UMC
Click here to view the course catalog.

Students, please note: Completing the prerequisite work or homework is required in order to complete the 10 hours of instruction and get credit for the course. This also includes attending the Friday evening session.


A second, online-only portion will be held Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, 2021.