Apr 03, 2019

Conference Committee on Leadership
Chairperson: Carlen Blackstone

Report submitted by: Carlen Blackstone
Email: blackstonec@verizon.net
Phone: (484) 767-5477
Date submitted: 04/02/2019

Recent Events & Activities

The Leadership Committee met on April 1 to finalize the slate of nominees to be presented at the District Conferences on May 5. 

Upcoming Events & Activities

They will meet again on May 16 to handle any corrections before the final document is printed and distributed for Annual Conference.  The Committee will use a Corrections Box as they did last year at a designated table in the Exhibit area.  They will also create an Equity Report in response to the NEJ Call to Action.  The Leadership and Service Interest Form is being used to identify new leaders and the Leadership Commitment Form is being used to gather contact information for all people who are serving in order to have accurate information at the Conference Office.  The transition is being made to new Co-Chairs for 2019-20 along with 4 new members.  Active participation is better than it had been in preparation for the changes needed for the new quadrennium.