Jul 16, 2021

Commission on Religion and Race
Chairperson: Rev Susan Worrell Rev Alicia Juliá-Stanley

Report submitted by: Rev Alicia Juliá-Stanley
Email: rev87mom@gmail.com
Phone: (717) 306-8092
Date submitted: 07/16/2021

Recent Events & Activities

Sponsored- and facilitated the Caste CDT book study- Jan 23-Feb 23.

Three CRCC workshops presented at Tools for Ministry this Spring (over 45 participants in total

Conversations are ongoing between CORR and the HTW Core Team as we walk alongside each other on our sacred calling not only to dismantle racism, but to become an Anti-racist conference. Members of the HTW Core Team have been invited to CORR meetings and to join forces with CORR. This is an ongoing conversation due to the nature of the work of the HTW Core Team.

  • Implicit Bias Workshop in collaboration with PenDel ConferenceMay 14
  • CRCC Annual training June 5 via Zoom – 60 unduplicated registrations, 39 attended
  • Plantation Jesus book Study with CORR members– facilitated by one of the authors, Andi Cumbo-Floyd…. April-July
  • CORR to facilitate conference-wide Plantation Jesus study with CDTOctober 2021
  • Annual Conference monitoring-
  • There were concerns that, being in the online format, it was hard to determine who was talking because the only people seen were those leading. Persons asking questions were not identified. Of the Laity, only David Kock was seen or mentioned by name.
  • It was noted that the technology pieces seemed like lost sense of connection, and that the loss of debate created a problem with feeling connection. In evaluations people noted that they ‘missed worship.’ There was worship, so perhaps this was due to the online format.
  • CR/CC task force is in the process (CORR co-chairs, trainers and companions who are on
  • CORR serve on the task force), looking to create a conference-wide curricula of training.
  • The idea is one source to go to for training sources. The trainers want to include the
  • HTWOR team in the conversation: intercultural competency, Anti-racism, etc.

Dismantling Racism Facebook Group/Web Page – launched – Details included –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1268658306921870

  1. Contents: DR Resources–recommended publications, videos, websites, etc. (with annotated links);
  2. DR News & Events;
  3. DR Ministry & Personal Profiles & Features (linked stories);
  4. Reviews & Previews of Events;
  5. Comments & Conversations (monitored); Questions & Responses;
  6. Polls; etc. Photos & Video clips.
  7. FB Livestream appropriate events–e.g, discussions, watch parties, etc.
  8. Source of recruitment?.
  9. FB page Invited Participants: CORR; HTWOR Core Team; Fight for Floyd Committees; Whites Confronting Racism; other EPAC groups.

Last, but not least, continuing the work begun with the Dragonfly Project in 2018 to “create an Equity Rationale”, and as a result of the work of the Racial Justice Audit an Economic Justice Council has been formed with representatives that reflect the perspectives of the diversity- racial, gender, clergy/lay in our Conference.

The Council will begin its work with four (4) areas of focus: Church Sales, Apportionment Formula, Budget Review and Compensation Practices. The Council’s goal is to develop specific proposals for each area that would move us toward greater economic-racial equity. The work of the council will be facilitated by two outside consultants: Leilani Henry and Lorraine Marino- and we have approached the Urban Commission to help us fund this effort.

  • Healing the Wounds Core Team
  • Urban Commission