Dec 11, 2020

Concerned Citizen,

Would you, your church, family, or community group like to put feet to your concerns and make a statement for justice? The attached petition, destined for the legislator or policy maker of your choice can serve your determined advocacy for justice. It was crafted by the Fight for Floyd and Beyond Policy Committee with the intention of encouraging individuals, congregations, and community groups to discuss the issue and then prod politicians to actively engage in police reform. Our concerns, suggestions, and alternative solutions noted in this one-page document are meant to broaden the positive impact of policing in any community. You will find a virtual copy of this petition attached below. The waters have been stirred. Sometimes the cost of the calm to come rests upon the work yet to be done.

Potential policy makers would include:

  • State representatives
  • State senators
  • Borough, township and city mayors and council members
  • Township supervisors
  • County commissioners

By distributing, discussing, and signing this petition we can advocate for policy changes in regard to police reform strengthening relationships between and safety for both law enforcement and community members.

Download the letter.