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South District

Grace Community United Methodist Church: Part Time
1213 Central Ave
Chester, PA 19013-2907  

Worship Attendance 2022:  36
Professions of Faith 2022: 0
Budget:  $112,467
Parsonage provided: No, Housing allowance provided

Grace Community is a small congregation, comprising largely of senior citizens. We’re 51 members with 35-40 supporting collectively in-person, by phone, and on Facebook. The worship style is traditional with frequent contemporary inserts of gospel songs, liturgical dance, and drums. Biblical teaching and preaching are paramount to our spiritual growth. Our Adult Sunday School, Bible Study, and Daily Prayer Line are enjoyed by many. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas outreach programs bless many needy families in the community.

Coventryville United Methodist Church: Part Time
1521 Old Ridge Rd
Pottstown, PA 19465-8509

Worship Attendance 2022:  88
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
Budget:  $130,363
Parsonage provided:  No, Housing allowance provided

Coventryville UMC is a small rural church set to celebrate its 250th anniversary in 2024.  Our church intertwines older, multi-generational families reflective of our immediate area, with little to no diversity.  We have one traditional Sunday service, a small online audience, and no Sunday School. We have a women’s group (with Bible study), UMM, and recently reopened our preschool (3 days/week, ½ days), following a 10+ year significant decline in the area’s preschool-age population. Missions include a weekly Wawa food giveaway, food collection (local food pantry), thrift shop, and blood drives. We plan to move to the One Board Model to restore our ministry’s focus, vitality, and financial stability.

Hibernia United Methodist Church: Part Time
220 Hibernia Rd
Coatesville, PA 19320-1381

Worship Attendance 2022: 45
Professions of Faith 2022: 0
Budget: $111,681
Parsonage provided: No

Hibernia UMC is a family of faith located in north Coatesville with an active membership of about 50 people, ages 1 through 90. There are families that have been connected for generations. We worship in-person on Sunday mornings with a Zoom or Facebook-live option. We host a Country Fair and Christmas Bazaar for the community each year. We collect items for those in need in the community and contribute financially to requests made. We pay 100% of our apportionments. We have an active family ministry. We cherish our heritage and 180 year history.

Mount Carmel United Methodist Church: Part Time
2203 Harmonyville Rd
Elverson, PA 19520-8984

Worship Attendance 2022:  19
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
Budget:  $125,607
Parsonage provided:  No

Mount Carmel is an active aging congregation in a rural setting in northern Chester County. About 40 people regularly worship in a traditional non-liturgical setting. The congregation is mission oriented with a “one room” Sunday School for Children. Our Men’s Group reaches men of similar age in our community and meets for breakfast once a month. Local and global missions include outreach to prisoners, local homeless families, a local nursing home, support for UMBGM’s support for mothers, used shoe distribution and a variety of other missions designed to witness to Christ bringing compassion and hope to those lost in the crowd!

St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church: Part Time
501 S 18th St
Reading, PA 19606-2614

Worship Attendance 2022:  19
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
2022 Budget:  $ 68,938
Parsonage provided:  No

St Mathews United Methodist Church has a traditional worship format mixed with contemporary music. The total number of worshipers amounts to 35 members. St Mathews collaborates with St. Paul’s Lutheran church to support a monthly food ministry. St Mathews does their clothing distribution inside the church while the food ministry is going on. St Mathews has approximately 10 people who regularly attend virtual bible study. The church rents space to a Hispanic congregation for a Sunday worship service, a Tuesday bible study that includes adolescents and youths, and various events on Fridays.

Trinity United Methodist Church: Part Time
3705 W 9th St
Trainer, PA 19061-5205

Worship Attendance 2022:  31
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
Budget:  $54,778
Parsonage provided:  Yes

Trainer Trinity lives in a beautiful building that is over 100 years old. It has a hall with a large, attached kitchen, a gym with basketball courts, a nursery and a stage. That floor contains space for the clothes closet, the food bank and Sunday school rooms. A stairway next to the kitchen leads to a recreation are that houses a pool table and video games, and another area with tables that can be used for meetings or meals. Our sanctuary holds approximately 500. Two steps lead up to the altar, which included two choir sitting areas, two podiums and the most beautiful organ imaginable. For more musical pleasure, there is a baby grand piano.   We had our Sunday service and Bible Study. Covid 19 devastated our congregation. We have lost many of our members, including many of our church leaders. We are still in the process of trying to recover with a micro congregation. We are trying to research resources that we can provide to the community to ensure that the church can be used to provide needed services. Suggestions so far include GED classes, basic computer learning for seniors, and space for support groups. This is in the starting stages. We have started a cooperative plan with the borough of Trainer and another local UM church to incorporate some of their food bank services. As with large churches with small memberships, we are seeking methods of raising funds to complete needed repairs to our facility.

East District

Salem United Methodist Church: Part Time
6440 Powder Valley Rd
Zionsville, PA 18092

Worship Attendance 2022:  20
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
Budget 2022:  
Parsonage provided:  No

Salem UMC (Zionsville, PA) is a small church, dedicated to learning more about Jesus through traditional worship services.  Our congregation is heavily involved in supporting the local food pantry that is run by the local churches ministerium.  Our membership is made up of experienced seniors and middle-aged people that strongly believe in the power of prayer.

North District

Wesley United Methodist Church: Part Time
607 School Road
Nazareth, PA 18064-8619

Worship Attendance 2022:  15
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
Parsonage provided:  No

Wesley United Methodist Church in Belfast is a small but vibrant congregation of believers who worship at 10 AM each Sunday. Following worship is Friendship Hour with refreshments which is well attended. Wesley UMC collects food for Nazareth Area Food Bank several times a year. It strives to have quarterly Bring a Friend meals and provides an opportunity for the musically talented to participate in worship and gospel singing events. There are two community rummage sales with excess given to those in need. On Wednesdays at 6:30 PM, we have Moments with the Master prayer time. During holidays, Wesley UMC provides one family with gifts, food, and cash. “Love” bucket cash offerings are taken weekly to provide school lunches for children’s families in payment arrears. The yearly conference apportionment is paid in full. The old building is getting many needed repairs done. There is renewed interest in services and willing workers available to serve on the SPRC and Administrative Board.

West District

Campbelltown United Methodist Church: Part Time
2760 Horseshoe Pike
Campbelltown, PA 17010

Worship Attendance 2022:  74
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
$ 104,067
Parsonage provided:  No

Campbelltown UMC is a small, vibrant, active church with a worship average attendance of approximately 50 people in-person, and 10 people online. The dedicated congregation is involved in the community. This includes taking VBS out into the community, angel tree which offers 2 meals per year, and delivering Easter and Thanksgiving meals. Fellowship is important to us. This includes excursions to baseball and hockey games, Knoebel’s Grove, and Sight and Sound. We have a handful of children who frequently attend on Sunday mornings, and our hopes are to grow our youth ministry even further. We pay 100% of our billings and apportionments.

Christiana United Methodist Church: Part Time
14 S Bridge St
Christiana, PA 17509-1704

Worship Attendance 2022:  25
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
Parsonage provided:  No

Christiana United Methodist Church is located in the center of town.  All services are held inside the church, which was founded in 1851.  The Sunday school section was added to the church in 1961.  Services are traditional.  This church is known in the community as one that is steadfast in Bible teaching.

Covenant United Methodist Church: Part Time
346 North 9th Street
Lebanon, PA 17046-3465

Worship Attendance 2022:  58
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
Parsonage provided:  No, housing allowance provided.

Covenant Church is a beautiful brick building located in Lebanon City. Inside there are many spaces for the worshippers to use for Sunday School and Bible study, which is offered Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Various community groups use our building, such as Boy Scouts and Zumba.

The upstairs has a beautiful sanctuary which is where our congregation worships on Sunday Morning at a mostly traditional service. We use Zoom to connect with our homebound members. Our members are the backbone of our church, very mission minded. We are a family who loves doing God’s work and helping His people grow.  

Emmanuel United Methodist Church: Part Time
6 Boundary Road
Grantville, PA 17028-8295

Worship Attendance 2022:  40
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
$ 83,310
Parsonage provided:  No, housing allowance provided.

Emmanuel Church is located in northern Lebanon county, just outside of the Fort Indiantown Gap base.  The congregation is committed to mission, supporting local ministries, monthly food collections, and monetary gifts.  Help Hands provides Christmas gifts to local families.  There is one adult Sunday school class and one youth class, along with two Bible studies. Each summer we have weeklong Vacation Bible School. We have held several events with invitations to the community.   We are active in the Pathways program and are open to new ideas to reach people for Christ.

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church: Part Time
105 N. 11th St
Akron, PA 17501-1505

Worship Attendance 2022:  26
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
$ 68,530
Parsonage provided:  No

Akron Mount Zion is a small, yet passionate church located in a small town in rural Lancaster County.  It has a membership of about 40 people.  We are a congregation that loves the Lord and each other, prays boldly to a God who we know answers prayer, and trusts completely in God’s Word. Our worship services are a blend of traditional and contemporary.  We financially support local missions and UM programs including LUMINA, Shalom Partnership, and Anchor Breakfast.  An average of 15-20 people meet in the sanctuary for worship and another 5-10 weekly via Zoom.  We paid 100% of our apportionment. Every person is welcome and loved at Mount Zion.

Mountville United Methodist Church:  Part Time
303 Mountville Dr
Lebanon, PA 17046-8077

Worship Attendance 2022:  28
Professions of Faith 2022:  0
Parsonage provided:  No

Mountville UMC is where God’s Word has been honored, taught, and proclaimed since 1863.  Our goal is to glorify God by choosing to be loving, enthusiastic disciples for Jesus Christ.  We have a traditional worship service followed by a Sunday school class including adults and teens.  Our church and Sunday school tithes are generous and freely given to local, national, and international charities.