1. Purpose
  2. The leadership development committee is responsible for promoting leadership development within the congregation and nominating people to serve on the bodies and committees of the congregation.
  3. Tools for nominations
  4. The following chart may be used as a guide. Your team may add additional items based on your congregations context.


Responsibility Skills Experience


Chairpersons Chair meetings, set agendas, work closely with the pastor. Build consensus, gifted communicator, good listener, ability to summarize a groups thoughts, mission and goal focused. Led groups, leader in roles outside of church, been associated with the congregation for two or more years Deep faith, clarity, help people make decisions, hold people accountable, works well with the pastor, mission minded.
Secretary Take meeting notes and distribute in a timely manner. Word processing, email if church communicates by email, synthesize material. Associated with the church for two or more years. Deep faith, Dedicated, unbiased, listener, good communicator.
Treasurer Oversee a team of people responsible for money counting, financial statements, audits, banking check writing and ensuring duties are segmented. Recruit and oversee others, detailed oriented, basic accounting, organized, good communicator. Has experience in keeping finances in the work or volunteer setting. Deep faith, ethical, trustworthy, transparent, delegator, timely, punctual, and accurate.
Committee Member Serve on a committee to assist with visioning, goal setting, evaluating and carrying out ministry and administration. Planning and goal setting, evaluation, problem solver, innovative, solution oriented, follows through, ability to be a good steward of the resources without loosing sight of the mission. Served in other volunteer roles, active in the life of the church. Deep faith, learner, respects others, open to others ideas, thoughtful, dedicated, committed to the mission, works well with leadership.

5. Charge/church conference form
Select the following link: Nominations Report to be completed.