The Rev. Lewis Elbert Wethington

We have received word of the death of The Rev. Lewis Elbert Wethington, aged 96, who passed away on March 3, 2019. Rev. Wethington was a retired full member of… Read more

UMCOR Sunday is March 31. Please give.

MAKE A BIGGER DIFFERENCE TOGETHER. “Our faith in Jesus allows us to look beyond ourselves and help others. We connect with those who are in the midst of a disaster,… Read more

The Rev. William Staton Jr.

We have received word of the death of The Rev. William Staton Jr., retired full member, who passed away on March 9, 2019. Rev. Staton Jr. served the following EPA… Read more

Conference delegates react to General Conference 2019

Nearly two weeks after The United Methodist Church’s dramatic and historic 2019 Special General Conference, which was supposed to point the denomination’s Way Forward, conversations and news stories are still full of questions and answers, opinions and updates.

Visit our new Special GC2019 page

See the latest news and views on the Special General Conference 2019, plus Bishop Johnson’s PowerPoint report and links to other interpretive resources. Find it all in one place…

Get Them Talking: Forgiveness

During Lent, we remember how God forgives us for all we do wrong. We are to forgive others in the same way we have been forgiven. A Lenten devotional conversation. Read more…

General Conference is over, what happens now?

The commission did their work. A conference was held. Speeches were given. Delegates voted. Decisions were made. Now what? In the days following… Learn more…

Eastern PA Conf. Youth Rally, March 16, to explore life choices

“Easier Said than Done.” That’s what hundreds of youth will learn about “Living as a Christian in a World that is Not Christian…”

2018 Appointments & Assignments

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson announces the following 2018 appointments and assignments, effective July 1, 2018 unless otherwise noted: North District The Rev. David R. Alderson (Part-time Local Pastor) from Strasburg: Wesley UMC… Read more

Mrs. Lois H. Sauer

We have learned that Mrs. Lois H Sauer, surviving spouse of Rev. Albert G. Sauer, passed away on February 22, 2019 at the age of 87.   Rev. Albert G…. Read more