Feb 13, 2024 | John W. Coleman

Thanks to the new 2024 Breakthrough Worship Series, many churches in Eastern PA and Greater New Jersey started the New Year digging into the “Roots” of their faith to find nourishment from our shared spiritual legacy as the people called Methodist.

Now many of us will go “Through the Valley” with God, using Breakthrough’s new Lenten worship series of liturgies, sermon starters, song suggestions, graphics, videos and more. We may wander through a wilderness of lament, but spiritual nourishment can be found again in the refreshing company of one who overcame the wilderness.

“We can discover what it means to wander through these parts of life in honesty with God through the practice of lament,” reads the Breakthrough description. “We will learn how crying out to God in our need can help us to fully embrace what it means to be human beings held and loved by a God we can trust. We will learn that even through the darkest valleys, Jesus both goes ahead of us and walks with us.”

Next series: ‘A New Creation’

After we wander through the dark winter wilderness of lament during Lent, we can celebrate the radiant bloom of Spring, Easter and Eastertide using the next Breakthrough worship series, “A New Creation.”

“This spring, as we embrace the new life given to us in Jesus, let us expand our vision to realize that this new life is not only spiritual and not only human, but a new life for all of creation. We will explore our place in God’s wide creation and our special responsibility to care for the earth. As the environment suffers, we are called to take courageous action that reflects God’s plan for the flourishing of all creation.”

Visit Breakthrough’s website at www.breakthroughseries.org/2024 to benefit from using creative worship resources for these seasons and to see a preview of future ones. This free, comprehensive resource will help you plan faith-inspiring sermon and worship series that relate to the various calendar and Christian seasons of our year.

Composed by writers and contributors in both EPA and GNJ conferences, Breakthrough 2024 is an indispensable, adaptable resource. It is designed to provide easy-to-use best practices so that congregations can enhance their worship, spend less time preparing details, and focus on what really matters: sharing the gospel in many ways to make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.