UMC on ‘wait and see’ mindset after church court upheld Traditional Plan on homosexuality: bishop

Left-leaning congregations and LGBT activists within the United Methodist Church are looking to next year’s General Conference in the hopes they can change the denomination’s stance on homosexuality.

Despite failing to change the denomination’s official position against homosexuality and same-sex marriage at a special session of General Conference in February or through its highest court last month, there appears to be little movement away from the UMC by progressive congregations and activists.

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson, head of the Eastern Pennsylvania and Peninsula-Delaware Conferences, told The Christian Post that many remain in a “wait and see” mode.

“I have not received any such notifications from any congregations wishing to disaffiliate. Some have asked me to come to their churches and answer questions about the process and this I have done,” said Bishop Johnson.

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