Aug 12, 2019

Delegates elected to represent the Eastern PA Conference at the 2020 General Conference (May 5-15 in Minneapolis, Minn.) and the Northeast Jurisdictional (NEJ) Conference (July 13-17 in Hunt Valley, Md.) have expressed humble appreciation for that honor.

Some also expressed, in requested e-mail comments, an awareness of critical issues to be faced in what will likely be another pivotal and controversial year for the UMC, especially in the wake of this year’s Called Session of General Conference.

“I will endeavor to serve with deepest humility in a manner expressing submission to the Holy Spirit,” said Judy Ehninger, who leads the delegation.

“I commit to this work in the same way I engage my ministry: with my prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness,” said the Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm, who led the 2016 delegation that returned to the special session in St. Louis in February. “Our delegation will be dealing with major pension changes (and) with the legislation from the Connectional Table looking at the US as a central conference (or region).” She also pointed to the possibility of episcopal area changes in our jurisdiction because of declining membership. 

“I take my responsibilities very seriously,” said Lenora Thompson, who has represented Eastern PA at General and/or NEJ conferences since 1992. “I continue to pray for healing and unity of The United Methodist Church.”

“I receive the opportunity to serve the Church with trepidation,” offered the Rev. Andrea Brown. “I pray that through the work we do before and during GC2020, love, justice, and peace will increase.”

Delegates under age 40.
(Seated, from left) The Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner, Matthew Calderone, Krystl Johnson.
(Standing,from left)  The Rev. Daniel Lebo, Ann Jacob, Samuel Longmire, the Rev. Monica Guepet.
Photo by John W. Coleman.

Ann Jacob returns to the NEJ Conference “honored to serve on a delegation with incredibly gifted and passionate folks during such an important time in the life of our denomination.” Likewise, Clarita Krall called it an honor to be elected to the NEJ Conference with members who “bring their diverse gifts of faithfulness, intelligence, eloquence, and logic to this amazing representation of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference United Methodists.”

The Rev. Daniel Lebo finds it “refreshing to see…so many younger people elected as part of this delegation. It shows the willingness and support of our conference to have a younger generation take the mantle and have a voice in the future of the denomination.” He is among seven delegates who are under age 40.

And the Rev. Eddie Cameron said he will “pray for God to speak through our diverse and dedicated delegation, as we seek to listen, discern and faithfully administer the Spirit’s voice, so our work together can continue to transform the world through the power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”