Domestiv Violence: The Faith Community Responds

Lydia Mulkey, Domestic Violence

The new Eastern PA Conference Domestic Violence Committee sponsored its first seminar, Domestic Violence: The Faith Community Responds, Nov. 17, 2018, at West Lawn UMC. The Rev. Lydia Mulkey (right), from FaithTrust Institute, keynoted the event and taught one of three workshops on:

  • Pastoral and Congregational Care, offering ideas for churches learning to understand and respond to the problem of domestic violence, including the needs and concerns of victims.
  • The AMEND program, designed to help men identify beliefs and attitudes that support abusive behaviors, and help them approach relationships with respect, equality and fairness instead.
  • Are We Ready for GenZ?  about domestic violence affects post-millennial, school-age, Generation Z youth and how we can help them understand, prevent and respond to DV in their social environments? A workshop especially for parents, guardians, youth ministers and teens.