Delegation to begin process of inviting NEJ Episcopal nominations

One of the responsibilities of the Eastern PA Conference delegation to the 2020 Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference is to identify potential episcopal candidates from our conference.   As this work begins the delegation would like to remind the Annual Conference of the rule change, relating to Episcopal candidate endorsement, adopted at the 2017 Annual Conference.  Please reference this new rule as listed in the Rules of Order as Article XVII, 2018 EPA Journal, page 346. 

Here is a synopsis of the implications of this rule change:

The jurisdictional delegation may also choose to present no names to the annual conference. If the delegation places one or more names before the conference, annual conference delegates shall then proceed to confirm the recommendation(s) of the delegation by a 2/3 vote by those present and eligible to vote.  Likewise, if the delegation recommends no persons, the annual conference shall vote to accept that recommendation by the same 2/3 vote.  

If the opening ballot fails to obtain the necessary 2/3 majority to confirm the delegation’s recommendation(s), additional nominations from the floor shall then be in order… 

The delegation asks all members of the Annual Conference to join in prayer and discernment as the process of identifying  potential episcopal candidates from our conference begins. Further information regarding nominations will be published next week.

In His Service, 

Judy Ehninger, for the 2020 General-Jurisdictional Delegation