When Moses finally emerged from the wilderness, he was ready to take charge for God. What a great turning point in his life’s story, but let’s not forget that Moses was in his eighties. Could you imagine him being you and it taking you that long? We were all chosen to do something big for God. He wants us to be successful. However, some times we find ourselves anxiously waiting and wondering: “When?” Through our patience and prayers we can hear God saying, “Not yet! Get ready for the greater opportunity I’m preparing for you.”

In Exodus, Moses hits a period of waiting. Away from the noise of tradition, religion, and culture, he begins an one-on-one relationship with God. When the Conference Council on Young Adult Ministries went through its reinstatement in July 2012, we wanted to be ready for our God given assignment. Without realizing it, all of our planning led us to the wilderness for The Awakening Retreat. Our mission was to equip young people with a readiness and the confidence to lead others to God. In the calm and quiet, we embarked on a mission defining experience. It may have taken several months to offer our first event, but after all of our praying and waiting, look at what we were able to accomplish in our Inaugural year:

Throughout the year, C.C.Y.A.M. participated in over a couple dozen events. We served as a resource to young people in churches interested in forming young adult ministries, gathered for worship, retreated for Christian education and action planning, and just hung out in an intimate circle of Christian fellowship. Recently, our council recognized the need and importance of giving young people a platform to minister and witness to friends in the best possible forms. We want to foster communication with each other and encourage an authentic line of communication with God. We are The Press, ambassadors that want to propel the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this publication spotlights our press. We know what Kingdom living is like and have faced challenges that have tested our walk. These are our stories of encouragement to stay focused on the Kingdom and to live for Christ. We intend for this publication to serve as a continual reminder for each of us to “Press On!’

by Krystl Johnson, for the Young Adult Newsletter, The PRESS

Human Relations

As we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr this week and observe Human Relations Day in our congregations, once again we remember the vitally important call of Christ to love one another, and especially to include all of God’s children in the circle of God’s love.

In Luke 4 we read about Jesus’ conflict with his hometown friends at the synagogue of his childhood years.  He had the audacity to remind the listeners that God was about the business of supporting foreign widows and healing Syrian army officials. He challenged the long-held illusion that God was only the God of the Jews and maintained instead that Jehovah was the God of all.  The crowd turned on him at that moment, and had he had a near-miss with death that day (Luke 4:23-30).

Would we have joined the crowd that tried to toss Jesus off the cliff? Or would we agree with the Lord that God is going global with this love thing and that everyone is included in the circle of God’s care and concern? Fundamentally, that was the work of Dr. King’s movement, and still today the quest for equality is based on that precept.

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