Fundraising Guidelines for Camp & Retreat Ministries

These notes are to encourage YOUTH, YOUNG ADULTS and ANY OTHER group who would like to support our Conference wide Camp & Retreat Ministries by organizing a fundraiser in YOUR local community. Almost every local community has a restaurant chain within commuting distance which would be willing to assist.

Some of the most familiar franchises which offer this opportunity include:

  • Friendly’s (Contact them for a flyer and brochure)
  • Hoss’ (Contact them for a packet)
  • Isaac’s (Contact them for a small poster)
  • Pizza Hut (Ask to speak to your local branch’s marketing staff person)
  • Panera Bread

Begin by contacting a local restaurant of your choice. The percentages of their sales which they will share with you may vary. For example, Friendly’s will give you 10% of all proceeds during the hours agreed upon. Isaac’s will give you 25%, but you need to distribute a form in advance which individuals then present to their server in order to receive their financial support.

Checks can be made out to The Eastern PA Conference, or EPAUMC, with Camp & Retreat Ministries on the memo line. They can be mailed to me at the address below.

Our Site Directors and I thought of targeting one date for a conference wide fundraising “blitz”.  But schedules vary from one community to another. So you are welcome to pick a date that suits your group.

If you have any questions, let me know, and THANK YOU in advance for your support!

Sally W. Ott
CRM Development Coordinator