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Pocono Plateau Carson Simpson Farm Carson-Simpson Farm

Camp and Retreat Ministries LogoThe Eastern PA Conference owns and operates four unique, scenic camp and retreat centers spread across different regions of the conference: Pocono Plateau in the upper Northeast; Carson-Simpson Farm just north of Philadelphia; Innabah, more centrally located in Spring City; and Gretna Glen in the Northwest area.

Camp & Retreat Ministries involves not only the quality management of these four remarkable sites, but also the diverse, enriching programs and dedicated staff and volunteers who truly define them as ministries. Each of these beautiful, blessed oases are what they rightly claim to be: “God’s place apart, transforming lives.”

All four centers truly come alive during Summer Camp, with hundreds of excited children and youth learning, playing, being nurtured and making friendships and lifetime memories. But three sites–Pocono Plateau, Innabah and Gretna Glen–are busy year-round, hosting retreats, picnics, confirmation classes and other special events of all kinds.

Our Camp & Retreat Ministry centers are places where people of all ages and backgrounds can experience God’s love and creation together in a caring Christian community, as they grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. Contact them today to plan or register for an event. Visit their Web sites at:,, and

In addition, please support them and help more young people with limited resources to benefit from summer camp through Camper Scholarships.  With many families still struggling with economic difficulties, the need for scholarships is greater than ever.  Every child deserves a chance to be embraced by God’s love, as experienced in the caring, life-changing environment of summer camp. Please help us make this possible. Send your contributions to the Eastern PA Conference Treasurer and identify them as donations for Camper Scholarships. Thank you.

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Camp and Retreat Ministry Board

Chairperson: Mrs. Nannette Connolly

Upcoming Camp & Retreat Events

Sun 23

Gretna Glen: Free Youth Group Night

April 23 @ 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Carson Simpson Farm Christian Camp

Carson Simpson Farm Logo3405 Davisville Rd.
Hatboro, PA 19040

Ray Neitz
Site Director,
Carson Simpson Farm

Gretna Glen Camp & Retreat Center

Gretna Glen Logo87 Old Mine Rd.
Lebanon, PA 17042

Apryl Miller
Site Director,
Gretna Glen

Innabah Camp & Retreat Center

Camp Innabah Logo712 Pughtown Rd.
Spring City, PA 19475

Michael Hyde
Site Director,
Camp Innabah

Pocono Plateau Camp & Retreat Center

Pocono Plateau Logo304 Pocono Plateau Rd.
Cresco, PA 18326

Ron Schane Pocono Plateau

Ron Shane
Site Director,
Pocono Plateau

Camp & Retreat photoSummer camps offer ‘God’s Love without Boundaries

The adventure of Summer Camp ends in early August at the Eastern PA Conference’s four bustling Camp & Retreat Centers. But what an awesome, animated, action-packed adventure it has been for hundreds of blessed young campers, as well as counselors, staff and volunteers.

“God’s Love Without Boundaries” was this year’s general theme. And each camp site, through creative activities and interactions, worked to help campers of all ages cross the boundaries of their comfort zones to experience the breadth and depth of God’s love. Read on.

Fundraising Guidelines for Camp & Retreat Ministries

These notes are to encourage YOUTH, YOUNG ADULTS and ANY OTHER group who would like to support our Conference wide Camp & Retreat Ministries by organizing a fundraiser in YOUR local community. Almost every local community has a restaurant chain within commuting distance which would be willing to assist. Learn more

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way

Leaving a legacy for Camp & Retreat Ministries

For some of us, Eastern PA Conference’s Camp & Retreat Ministries (CRM) has had a profound impact on our spiritual growth and that of our families and friends. That is so true for me that I have searched for a way to make a real and lasting difference for CRM.

Unfortunately, I’m not a rich person. But someone told me I could make a gift to support our Camp and Retreat centers that costs me nothing during my lifetime. How? By including CRM in my will. Continue Reading

Camping News & InformationCamper Zayum enjoying archery camp at Innabah Camp & Retreat Center, July 11, 2016.