Laity Sunday, Special Sundays

Churches encouraged to celebrate Laity Sunday

Laity Sunday is more than a chance to give your pastor a Sunday off. It is an important opportunity to share and celebrate the gifts of the faithful laity.  

The Conference Board of Laity urges every church to celebrate Laity Sunday and afford their congregations this opportunity to hear about the ministry of the laity and to celebrate the excellent contributions laity make to both the local church and the larger connection. 

The Eastern PA Conference is rich with lay people, some participating in the Lay Servant Ministries program, who are both anxious and willing to plan, prepare, and present an entire Sunday worship service on a designated Laity Sunday. 

This quadrennium, the themes for Laity Sundays are: 

“Therefore, Go! with HOPE — through Hospitality (2017) 

—through Offering Christ (2018) 

through Purpose (2019) 

— through Engagement (2020)  

In 2019, Laity Sunday is Oct. 20, but the Book of Discipline is clear that it can be on another Sunday.  

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