Not if, but when.

A crisis can happen anytime, anywhere. Planning before, response during, and recovery after crises are all critical stages to lessen the severity and longevity of the damage that may occur–that is, structural, physical and emotional damages.

The Eastern PA Conference has key persons and protocols that victims of crises–especially disasters–can call upon for timely, sensitive, experienced assistance. We have a conference Disaster Response Team and District Coordinators ready to help, along with District Superintendents and the Communications Office. All church leaders should learn about disaster response news, information, responders and resources, as well as steps to prepare and response to disasters.

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Bishop's Message - Hurricane Ida

Video Message - September 9, 2021

Bishop John Schol, who became Eastern PA’s episcopal leader Sept. 1, met with the conference Cabinet and disaster response coordinator to learn about reported damages and relief efforts for Hurricane Ida, and to explore how the conference might respond to the ordeal both immediately and in the long term.

That response should include funds raised through the conference’s ongoing Disaster Response Advance Special Fund (#0345). Bishop Schol appealed for generous donations and other aid in a new video message addressed to Eastern PA Conference members and churches.

Click here to download the video via Dropbox.

Conference seeks to help churches recover from Ida’s storms

The Eastern PA Conference wants to help hard-hit local churches and communities recover from severe damages inflicted by the remnant of Hurricane Ida as it swept through the Northeast region Sept. 2.

Several churches and numerous communities were ravaged by flooding and high winds, as one of the strongest hurricanes in recent memory wreaked havoc and historic destruction on Louisiana Aug. 29-30 and then careened northeast as far as Eastern PA, New Jersey and New York. At least seven tornadoes also touched down in our area... Read More

Advance Special Giving for Disaster Response

While Conference Advance Special projects are proposed and approved by our Annual Conference each year, we have an ongoing Advance Special giving opportunity to support disaster response needs in the Eastern PA. When storms severely damage our Eastern PA churches and communities we try to aid them with relief and restoration funds, as well as volunteer assistance as we are able. Your gifts help us to help our churches and neighbors in need. Please give using our Disaster Response Advance Special project #0345. Thank you! Please see our Giving page to learn more.

Hurricane Ida takes out church buildings

After ripping through parts of the Caribbean, Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc across southeast Louisiana early this week, including United Methodist-owned buildings among its targets. But the historic storm continued its destructive onslaught of roaring winds, devastating tornadoes and dangerous flooding into Mississippi, Alabama and up the East Coast, through Pennsylvania, New Jersey and as far as New York.

Widespread power outages, unprecedented flooding levels, mass evacuations and... Read More

Disaster and Crisis Prevention for Churches

Houses of Worship Security Self-Assessment Tool

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides this Houses of Worship Security Self-Assessment Tool. Prepared by the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), it is a security planning resource useful for church  facilities. This tool along with other faith-based resources are located on the Faith Based Organization-Houses of Worship (FBO-HOW) resource page,  which includes assessments, trainings, planning, exercises, and other materials focused on the mitigation of a wide range of manmade threats (e.g., bombing, active shooter, vehicle ramming) that could be used against the FBO-HOW community. Learn More

Crisis Preparation and Response Plan for EPAUMC churches

Not if, but when – A crisis can happen anytime, anywhere.  It is therefore important to have an action plan in place before a crisis happens.  The time to begin planning and practicing for a crisis is before it happens, before the emotion, stress, and tension of the event strike.

What is a crisis? – A crisis can be an event or emergency associated in some way with the Church but beyond its control, wherein there is potential for damage to individuals or to the image of the Church and its ability to be in ministry and which we might expect to become public... Read More

UMC Resources

Mission Central, Inc.

Mission Central is a member of the UMCOR Relief Supply Network.  The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the globe. Visit