Apr 21, 2020

Prison Ministry and Restorative Justice
Chairperson: Marilyn Schneider

Report submitted by: Marilyn Schneider
Email: mschneider2222@gmail.com
Phone: (610) 578-0446
Date submitted: 04/21/2020

Recent Events & Activities

Collaborated with CORR to sponsor event on February 22, entitled “True Justice: Seeking equal justice for people and communities of color”, at Cedarville UMC, Pottstown, from 9 am – 3 pm.

Event a genuine success, with ~140 attendees.  Evaluations very positive.

Follow up resources sent via email to attendees ~ 1 month later.

Upcoming Events & Activities

Working with West Chester Mission Link to provide Healing Communities Training, probably in the fall.   Date has yet to be determined.  The Mission Link has been approved for a Dewees Grant to provide funding for this event.